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CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™ connects corporate clients to over 90 Citi branches worldwide

In today’s digital world, connectivity is everything. It doesn’t just mean having an electronic link. It also includes using the same technical communications protocol, the same version of the message standard AND using the special fields in precisely the same way or having a mapping and conversion system to ensure compatibility.

The CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™ does just that, leveraging existing SAP ERP capabilities with no up-front development necessary to extract automatically all required payment details in a predetermined format that can be immediately accepted for processing by Citi.

Installation and operation

The CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™ is an SAP DMEE template which can be installed by an SAP administrator.

The CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™, using the standard F110 and F111 payment processes in SAP, can initiate transactions in over 90 countries supported by Citi through the CitiConnect® platform.

Corporate impact

CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™ has been available since late 2012 and is used by Citi’s multi-national corporation clients world-wide. Citi have found that it is a non-intrusive solution for their corporate clients which mitigates the need for major file format development and testing, reducing their implementation time frames from months to days without having to interpret and develop processes for bank, payment instrument, and country-specific rules.

The CitiConnect ERP Integrator is interoperable with other Citi solutions, such as: Citi®Supplier Finance and Citi®WorldLink.

CTMfile take: This is a good example of how vital the translation, mapping and enrichment services are in bringing business processes together. Solutions range from dedicated solutions, such as CitiConnect® ERP Integrator™to the specialist financial service integrators such as Volante Technologies. The question should now be, “Which integrator service or package do I use to make my systems work together?” Not what do I have to change to be able to use this new service?

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