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Constant Currency Reporting: the good, the bad and the ugly

Key timing points
1:33 Financial results impacted by currency movements
2:27 1 - Constant Currency Reporting Findings
2:28 Examples of company FX statements
5:21 The maths of why we need constant Currency Reporting
7:28 2 - constant Currency Reporting anomalies and concern
7:34 Limitations of using constant Currency Reporting analysis
10:34 Incorrect constant Currency Reporting calculations increase concern
12:16 YTD simple average concerns
14:38 SEC reporting concerns
15:37 Constant Currency Reporting solutions
18:24 Three key take-aways
20:43 Next WEBchat on constant Currency Reporting and Hedging

CTMfile take: Constant Currency Reporting in company reports is a major concern for senior management and board directors. They are starting to understand how misleading it can be. This WEBchat shows corporate treasurers the pitfalls and how to overcome them. Essential viewing for many corporate treasury departments.

The WEBchat covers:

  1. What is the problem
  2. How constant currency is reported
  3. Constant Currency Reporting anomalies and concerns
  4. Constant currency reporting solutions and key take-aways.

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