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Continuous online, multilateral matching and netting from Coprocess

The development of APIs and new connectivity solutions is changing the face of corporate treasury systems and services. Coprocess, the supplier of the leading multilateral netting solution, is really exploiting the new interfacing technologies to provide unheard of levels of integration and liquidity management.

The main problem with multi-lateral netting has been getting all the data into the system. This used to be by file downloads, thankfully this model has been enhanced with direct interfaces. Much of this interfacing can  now be carried out via Coprocess’s API:

Source & Copyright©2018 - Coprocess SA

As Andrew Goldie, CEO Coprocess explains APIs: “Enables us to automate interfacing with external systems. It means seamless access between Coprocess and Treasury Management Systems, ERP’s, Banks payment systems and FX dealing platforms. Now, for example, a call to the Coprocess API can import files of invoices from your invoicing platform, or rates from dealing platform. “

Coprocess now have interfaces to:

  • company’s ERPs including: SAP, ORACLE, Baan, JD Edwards, Microsoft Dynamics, Peoplesoft, Navision, BPCS, Movex, Scala, Jeeves, Pulse
  • TMS to all the main systems including: Cashflow, Globe$, Fides, KTP, Integrity, IT2, PeopleSoft, Quantum, SAP (IHC), Trema, Twin, CRM
  • banks standard payment interfaces including: BACS, ETEBAC5, ISABEL, Multicash, Paymul, SWIFT MT101 and 210, XML (ISO 20022)
  • banks’ proprietary payment interfaces including: Bank of America Cashpro, CitiDirect, Deutsche Bank DB-Direct, JPMorgan, Nordea, PostFinance (Switzerland), RBS Access Direct and Access Online, SEB C&I Online, Telepay (Norway), UBS, PNC Pinacle, Svenska Handlesbanken
  • FX dealing platforms including: 360T, FXAll, Bloomberg.

On-line continuous matching now possible

Goldie also explained that, “In the future, any Coprocess function can be called by the API. Whether that is the triggering of a calculation, to request sending of the netting statements, export of paid item, requesting a contact list and on, connecting your ERP, TMS, FX dealing or Bank making it simpler to facilitate integration with other software platforms.”

This connectivity opens up possibilities for all sorts of streamlining of the netting processes including continuous on-line matching and netting which really will bring intra-company liquidity management to another level.

CTMfile take: Intra-company liquidity management efficiency is entering a new era.

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