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Corporate treasury department efficiency: what happened in 2019 and will happen in 2020?

Hubert Rappold, MD and Alex Fleischmann, Head of Market Development - International at TIPCO review what was Hot or Not in 2019, and then how corporate treasury efficiency will develop in 2020.

The WEBchat covers:
    1.    Treasury efficiency in 2019: Hot or not?
    2.    The hot topics from our perspective
    3.    Efficiency boosts for TIP-clients continuing in 2020

Key timing points
0:31 What does efficiency mean?
2:21 Treasury efficiency 2019: Hot or not
7:58 The hot topics from our perspective
11:26 Efficiency boosts for TIP-clients continuing in 2020
19:48 Closing remarks and how manage the efectiveness and efficiency balance

Efficiency is doing things right while being effective is doing the right things first and then doing them efficiently. This WEBchat takes an in-depth look at how TIPCO with their holistic solution use technology to do the right things efficiently.

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