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Corporate treasury’s problems and opportunities in UK today

The first day of the Association of Corporate Treasurers annual conference (the 40th) showed the stresses and strains and the opportunities in today’s UK:

  • Stresses and strains
    • Brexit: even Channel 4’s lovely Jon Snow could find nothing useful that we can do about stopping the calamity that is Brexit
    • Post-LIBOR, the new SONIA world: the regulators are not ready and still developing new standards, none of the banks are ready, let alone the corporate treasury departments. It is a car crash waiting to happen 
    • Global warming is now accepted as a real threat, but we are only starting to tackle the problem
  • Opportunities and good news:
    • Corporate treasury is finally starting to focus on sustainable finance and the opportunities it represents, with double the number of attendees at sessions, etc.
    • Corporate treasury departments are moving into a new phase of efficiencies in their operations and payments as they take advantage of new technologies and the new opportunities from fintechs
    • New concepts in carrying out corporate treasury are still appearing: there were at least two new products/services introduced at the conference yesterday which could change the way corporate treasury operates and accepted best practices
  • Realities:
    • Inevitably much of the conference and exhibits were about ’same-old’ solutions and best practices
    • Refreshingly there seems to be an acceptance in the banks, the suppliers and the corporates that things have to change.

CTMfile take: Much more on this over the coming days and weeks.

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