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CTMcast - 2 April 2020: Review of COVID-19 crisis and other posts

Key timing points
0:10 New free technology for COVID-19 crisis
4:25 COVID-19 crisis IMPACT: delaying Basel 3 roll-out, etc.
7:25 New trade announcements from Contour and Tradeshift

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Jack and Ben discussed:
    1.    How the treasury technology suppliers are helping corporates to survive with:
    ⁃    Free introductory offers, e.g. BELLIN, TreasuryXpress and Cashforce with more to come
    ⁃    Supplying everything remotely: TMS RFP, implementation and maintenance
    2.    COVID-19 crisis has caused:
    ⁃    Delay to Basel 3 new regulations roll-out
    ⁃    Swift has had to announce everything work as ‘normal’ as they can
    ⁃    Etc.
    3.    New trade announcements:
    ⁃    Contour partners with Chinsay to enhance trade finance offering
    ⁃    Tradeshift launches supply chain seller engagement platform.

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