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CTMcast - 21 May 2020: Business models, increased automation, FX risk, global trade, & climate change

Key timing points
0:30 Corporate treasury business models - who chooses
4:00 Increasing automation in the corporate treasury department due to COVID-19 crisis, e.g. Citi setting up new bank accounts remotely
9:00 Hedge Trackers CapellaFX demo and new FX risk management product
14:36 Global trade and trade finance
15:30 - Due diligence in supply chains
18:14 Digital fiat currencies emerging??
22:08 Climate risk
22:30 - Green bonds gaining traction
24:48 - ACT International Treasury Week and Mark Carney’s question

Download Podcast (Right click & "save target as/link as")

Jack, Ben and Nick Franck - Advisor on corporate treasury who has significant experience both customer and supplier space, review CTMfile’s posts over two last weeks.

Topics discussed:

Well worth a listen to the discussion of a fascinating and scary two weeks.

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