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Demand for treasury management systems is booming

Now another TMS provider has announced record growth. TreasuryXpress, a leading supplier of on-demand treasury management solutions yesterday announced a year over year, a global sales increase of 83% across the Americas, EMEA, and MENA regions for their on-demand TMS during the first half of 2019. The firm expects to be on target for another triple-digit growth of the year. 

While in February this year, Kyriba announced it had surpassed $110M in revenue in 2018 and is anticipating 40 per cent growth in the new year. The demand for quality TMS solutions is definitely expanding.

TreasuryXpress company expansion and why happening

Supporting this accelerated growth, TreasuryXpress also announced they experienced a 60% hiring increase in their product innovation and client experience teams during this time period.

The firm attributes their continued growth to the scalability and flexibility of their on-demand TMS model as well as their leading, in-house client experience model for both implementation and support. Global companies such as ASGC Group and Orange Lake Resorts are among just a few of the firm’s latest client announcements. With these additions and the company’s expansion into further key markets in Latin America and Europe, TreasuryXpress now supports clients in over 55 countries worldwide.

“Today’s generation of treasury professionals expect for technology to be easy,” says Anis Rahal, CEO and founder of TreasuryXpress. “They understand that it is possible to have economical and frictionless accessibility to the technology that is going to help them gain visibility and control over their global treasury operations.”

As treasury teams and banks globally continue to widely seek and adapt on-demand solutions, the company has realized double and triple year over year growth since it introduced the industry’s first on-demand TMS solution in 2015.

“TMS providers can no longer force inflexible, commoditized solutions on treasury,” continues Rahal. “At TreasuryXpress, we are realizing tremendous growth because we are helping to move the industry into a new era of leveraging digital tools that offer a simpler way of working; tools that provide an economized and scalable way of integrating financial data and systems for treasury teams everywhere.”

The TreasuryXpress model

Built for speed and efficiency, TreasuryXpress’ on-demand TMS model significantly eliminates manual processes throughout all stages of the technology lifecycle for treasury teams and fosters platform interactivity. Powered by sustainable, digital technology, TreasuryXpress’ on-demand treasury management software model is characterized by a frequent and controlled Agile development methodology, immediate logon access for clients, short implementation times, responsive performance, and digital integrations and connectivity.

Customer retention

Amidst the rapid growth, TreasuryXpress has maintained a 98% client retention rate year over year which, they claim, is reflective of the firm’s client-first commitment.

CTMfile take: TreasuryXpress and Kyriba offer very different technology solutions, the one common theme here is the focus on the corporate customers' needs and drivers. 

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