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Digitizing treasury workflows with TIP

Key timing points
0:54 The basics of all treasury processe
2:16 Treasury processes without workflows
3:58 Bank account management with workflows
6:24 Demo
13:26 The main benefits of using TIP treasury workflows
16:28 Closing summary and remarks

Alex Fleischmann, Head of Market Development - International at TIPCO describes how TIP’s workflows improve the overall efficiency of the corporate treasury department by bringing together all the systems, data and connections in a corporate treasury transaction together within a single system. He demos how an eBAM transaction takes place all within the TIP system and how a full audit trail is recorded for all transactions, accounts, etc. TIP is used by major corporations with thousands of accounts or bank guarantees to ensure the whole corporate treasury department is run as efficiently as possible.
The WEBchat covers:
    1.    The basics of all treasury processes
    2.    Treasury processes without workflows
    3.    Bank account management with workflows + Demo
    4.    The main benefits of using TIP treasury workflows.

This is an important example of how modern technology can be used to bring all the different systems, data and connections together in one system AND provide a full audit trail of each transaction, each account, etc.. Is this the nirvana of corporate treasury?

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