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dLocal launches 1st payment platform exclusively for companies entering emerging markets

dLocal, a leading technology company specializing in payments in emerging markets, has launched today a platform for seamlessly and safely collecting and sending payments in emerging markets. The cross-border platform enables companies to reach over a billion consumers in 14 countries, supporting over 130 local payment methods, all with a single integration. dLocal’s mission is to “enable international e-merchants to sell locally in Emerging Markets and receive funds in EU/U.S”

dLocal payments platform

dLocal was formed and is led by the founders of AstroPay, the largest cross-border payment services provider in Latin America, their platform is based on years of experience in the emerging market payments arena which requires them to understand each of the local market conditions and practices including pay-ins, pay-outs and in country cash collections. dLocal covers over 100 different local payment systems.

dLocal has built their cutting-edge payments platform from the ground up, specifically for Latin America and emerging markets. The key features of their solution are:

  • payments are processed domestically, which ensures the highest acceptance rate
  • local market complexities are eliminated; delivering a fast and tax efficient solution
  • security: platforms are secured and PCI DSS compliant
  • cross-border settlement: funds are expatriated to EU or U.S at no cost.

dLocal provide a full API (Application Programming Interface) which the e-commerce provider inserts into their systems and then sets up which payment systems they want to interface to.

Because of local acquiring for payment cards in many emerging countries, there are many different systems to interface to, for example:

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Users and Implementation

The main users of dLocal are global companies who need to collect payments from and make payments into emerging markets, such as Avast, GoDaddy and Uber.

The dLocal platform enables companies to transact locally across 14 markets – including Brazil, Mexico, much of Latin America, as well as Turkey and China – without local entity and operational complexities.  E-commerce companies using dLocal can now offer customers across emerging markets the ability to pay for their goods or services in local and preferred payment methods like cash, local credit cards, installments and such.

dLocal claim that, once their API has been integrated the user’s systems, e-commerce companies can become operational, within two weeks. dLocal have also found that using their proprietary, custom-built technology, users can increase customer conversions by up to 40 percent because they are able to cater to consumers’ local payment preferences.

Sebastián Kanovich, CEO of dLocal, commented, “dLocal is focused on conversion and brings to the table our emerging market expertise, as we help these  e-commerce companies reach more consumers by accommodating preferences of individuals in these markets.  We do this by supporting local cards, installments, bank transfers, e-wallets and cash payment methods.”


dLocal make one all-inclusive fee (including repatriation of the funds) of 3-7% for all payment systems or they can charge individually per payment system whichever the client requires.

CTMfile take: dLocal is a classic fintech company that brings together huge experience in emerging markets with great technology. No wonder they have major corporates using their services. Worth a look.

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