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Easier responsible investing with more customizable and detailed analysis

Investors are increasingly demanding that environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are factored into their portfolios and Fund Managers are now trying to differentiate their services using ESG criteria, e.g. Triodos Bank exists solely to provide Socially Reponsible Investments. All sorts of initiatives are being coming to market to encourage SRI. 

Thomson Reuters has launched ESG Peer View on its flagship desktop product Eikon, a significant enhancement of its ESG data capabilities that is designed to facilitate more customizable and detailed analysis for Socially Responsible Investing  and risk analysis.      

ESG research data

Thomson Reuters have been providing ESG data for many years and their research now includes:

  • ESG data and scores for over 6,000 public companies with data since FY2002
  • 400+ ESG data points and 70+ ESG analytics – all standardized fore easy comparisons
  • Real-time ESG signals from 75,000 sources, for portfolio construction and company monitoring in partnership with TruValue Labs
  • Screening tools to help you efficiently mitigate risk and find alpha
  • Idea generation tools to screen for ESG mandates and drill down into company specific metrics
  • Carbon Data and Estimate models that are both patented and fully transparent providing a CO2 estimated value when a reported value is not available
  • Carbon footprint monitoring to meet regulatory requirements
  • Green bonds
  • Indices including ESG, Diversity and Inclusion, Fossil Free, etc.

New peer comparison

The new ESG Peer View enables investment professionals to compare a set of companies or industries by individual or sets of ESG data points, thus allowing for comparative analysis relative to peers. Peer analysis can be done by industry, geography, market capitalization, or a combination of these.

Pradeep Menon, managing director and global head of Investment and Advisory, Thomson Reuters, believes that, “ESG Peer View on Eikon provides a deep level of analysis that aims to empower asset managers to deliver greater value and results in their investing decisions.”

Easier responsible investing with more customizable and detailed analysisCTMfile take: This is just one small initiative to improve the level of Socially Reponsible Investments.

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