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eBAM the road forward - effective internal & external processes / controls

eBAM has been the graveyard of hopes and dreams of many suppliers and consultants, due to it being misunderstood and over-sold, but it’s role and application are now clear. Listen to our discussion with Dan Gill who has been in the bank relationship business for 20 years and learn:

  1. why you need to manage bank accounts from a risk perspective:
    • what controls are needed and the dangers of de-centralised corporate treasury 
    • the type of systems to use and who should manage them
    • why sychnronisation of bank account details is critical. 
  2. eBAM - the realities:
    • eBAM’s core idea and why it should be called SWIFT eBAM
    • how use eBAM in managing bank relationships
    • need to insist that your banks used SWIFT 20022 messages in bank account reporting and management
    • why an eBAM showdown is coming between large corporates and the banks.
  3. managing your banking wallet:
    • why it is critical to know what you are spending on banks world-wide 
    • how to balance cost efficiency with bank relationship management
    • how to use share of wallet assessment to manage your banks.
Key timing points
1.00 1. Managing bank account risk
7.22 2. eBAM - the realities
11.44 3. Managing the banking wallet

CTMfile take: Key lessons and tips in this WEBchat.

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