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Effective cash flow forecasting in 6 steps

Key timing points
0:45 Step 01 - Understand your working capital drivers
1:07 Step 02 - Understand your cashflow drivers
1:23 Step 03 - Define your forecasting horizons
2:39 Step 04 - Define your cash forecasting sources per time horizon
3:07 Step 05 - Integrate and consolidate the data
3:16 Step 06 - Define your cash forecast logics/assumptions
5:22 Manual v. Automated forecasting workflow processing
7:36 Systems integration in cash flow forecasting and audit trail processing
12:43 Overall conclusion

CTMfile take: These are the essential steps and processes to ensure that instead of battling the cash flow forecasting process corporate treasury departments are able to focus on the actual numbers in the forecast.

Efficient and accurate cash flow forecasts are very difficult to achieve, in some ways they are the holy grail of working capital management.


In this WEBchat Nicolas Christiaen Managing Partner at Cashforce:

  1. Explains the six key steps and what to look out for
  2. Dives into detail about how to overcome the most difficult problem: Integration and consolidation of the data
  3. Gives his overall conclusion.

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By Faras Muhammad on 20th Nov 2017:


The video is useful. However, it will add further value, when you start from scratch in practical. For example. How to forecast Sales Revenue from the last Financial Statement and what other factors will have to take into account in determining sales revenue etc. every detail.

By Nicolas Christiaen on 20th Nov 2017:

Thanks for your comment Muhammad!

Sounds like a good idea, which I’ll definitely take in account for further articles.

Kind regards,

By robert on 25th Nov 2017:

hey!! Thank you soo much for the wonderful information!! I have subscribed for your website!!
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