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Enhancing cash and liquidity management solutions is the name of game

In cash and treasury management nothing is truly new, but there are an awful lot of enhancements needed. It is AFP conference time and so there are many examples being announced right now.

Citi Enhances Online Investments Portal

Citi have enhanced the Citibank Online Investments (OLI) portal with new features that provide clients with more options in managing their liquidity, the three new capabilities in OLI, which processes over $50 billion in client transactions each month, now allows clients to centralize and control their short-term investment activity.  (Accessed through Citi’s global portals – CitiDirect BE® and CitiDirect® for Securities - OLI is available in over 30 countries and 18 currencies.  This includes 80 Money Market Funds globally from ten of the largest institutional fund providers, with the flexibility for automated sweeps or actively traded investments. )

Citi’s Global Concentration Engine expands

The Global Concentration Engine (GCE) now reaches more than 50 countries/territories on their global liquidity network. The latest additions include locations in Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

BAML speeds U.S. wholesale lockbox processing by 25%/70%

BofA Merrills recent technology investment in end-to-end lockbox operations has improved its speed of processing from the time of receipt to the time of deposit by 25 percent, and the rate of straight-through automation to more than 70 percent. 

Reval upgrades to Version 16.1

Corporate treasury professionals are now using Reval’s newly released version 16.1. with enhancements which: 

  • improve the usability, flexibility and speed with which corporate treasuries can manage their cash, payments, risk and accounting, and include functionality developed for various market needs
  • add ability to import payments in Bacs Standard 18 format, for example, saves time and IT resources for companies processing high volume, low value payments in the U.K. 
  • enhanced activity in cash and liquidity management views for making informed funding decisions. Companies can visualize aggregated cash positions over the long term by month and quarter or in the short term with daily views, all in one screen, using simple drop downs.
  • add a variety of risk analytics to quantify the impact of market events to cash flows
  • enhanced its debt accounting with effective yield enhancements and integration of OCI releases from hedges of anticipated debt issuances with effective yield accretion, in anticipation of rising interest rates in the U.S.
  • increased the flexibility and scalability of the custom reports and query builder.

CTMfile take: Most of these enhancements are a direct response to customer requests, corporate treasury departments have a duty to complain and explain what they really need. AND NOT TAKE "IT CANNOT BE DONE" FOR AN ANSWER.

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