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FiREApps new range of FX exposure management packages cover all types of company

FiREapps have developed a three-step approach for managing FX exposure:

  1. identify and understand the total exposure
  2. quantify the risk and the cost/benefit of managing it
  3. decide how to manage the risk.

The new FiREapps packages use this approach, starting with FiREapps FX On Ramp which is designed for companies establishing a structured FX risk management programme for the first time, next is FiREapps FX Pro for multi-national corporations operating in dynamically changing business environments, while the FiREapps FX One View is for multi-national corporations with global operations involving multiple ERP systems, and the top of the range is FiREapps FX STP, which includes real-time links to trading platforms and to corporate treasury management systems. (See Figure )


Source: FiREapps

FiREapps also provide comprehensive operational and consultancy support to ensure that their corporate clients fully exploit the systems to: 1) identify and understand their total exposure, 2) quantify their risk and the cost/benefit of managing the risk, and 3) decide how to manage their risk.

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