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Five efficiency checkpoints for investment portals

Companies using a TMS can turbocharge their cash investment process by onboarding with an independent investment portal, which costs the organization nothing but delivers so many benefits. If corporates are only using their banks to trade, they are in for a whole new level of selection and service using independent portals. These types of investment portals afford corporate treasuries the luxury of an easy process, right from the start. Here are some key areas where an investment trading portal can make a difference for corporate treasury:

  1. Onboarding – Unlike technology implementations, which are typically very involved and time-consuming, onboarding an investment portal is just days to weeks.
  2. Operations – Streamline to save money and time by consolidating trades and submitting one trade ticket and one wire.
  3. Settlement – More settlement options enable more efficiencies. With clearing and custody options, one application accesses all funds, and one trade ticket and wire can settle all purchases.
  4. Transactions – Streamline execution of large volume transactions, which is especially useful around year-end.
  5. Integration – Avoid manually re-entering data from investment activities into a TMS or other systems in the tech stack by integrating workflow.

Read more about these efficiency checkpoints as well as a Q&A with a leading technology titan, in ICD’s ebook, How Investment Portals Bring Quick Wins in Efficiency for Treasury.


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