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Five recent treasury webinars that will increase your value as a treasury professional

“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value,” said Albert Einstein, highlighting the importance of celebrating not just your achievements, but also your contributions.

Webinars facilitate strategic value addition by helping you to stay on top of the treasury field and to develop a solution-oriented mindset, finding more effective ways of doing things.

Occupying a treasury leadership position is not the same thing as leading. To lead, inspire and contribute, you must continuously learn through activities like reading books, listening to podcasts and watching webinars.

We have published articles that collated lists of treasury management books, ebooks and podcasts to help cash and treasury management professionals develop a more profound understanding of the subject. However, these knowledge-enhancing exercises can be buttressed by treasury webinars that deliver up-to-date, data-rich and in-depth insights on timely topics in an interactive and engaging manner.

Here are five recent treasury webinars that we recommend you watch or review to explore important aspects of everyday treasury life. These webinars are not ranked in order of preference:


How Can Global Organizations Navigate Currency and Interest Rate Risk? By Kyriba



About the Webinar

Global multinationals are experiencing sensitivity to currency headwinds and rising interest rates, causing market conditions that have not been seen in a lifetime. Uncertainty can leave companies feeling vulnerable and looking for expert analysis to help them navigate through the abyss. 

Currency headwinds across North America and Europe have begun to materially impact liquidity and earnings per share (EPS). This leaves CFOs, risk managers and treasurers asking: what is on the horizon? How do I navigate? And what can I do? 

Watch this Kyriba webinar as they explore in-depth analysis of the currency trends for the second quarter of 2022, the effect these had on global organizations and how to prepare for the future.  

Boost Your Cash Forecast with an Intelligent Collections Strategy by HighRadius



About the Webinar

Cash forecasting is the backbone of a company’s financial planning. Predicting how much a company has in liquid assets allows it to make smarter investments, which can be a boon in times of financial turmoil, especially for mid-sized businesses.

One of the key levers for accurate forecasting is having an intelligent collections strategy. It becomes increasingly difficult to make financial decisions when you aren’t sure of your percentage of secured cash and if your customers will pay you on time.

An ineffective collection process limits small finance teams, causing them to spend most of their time making sure that they are collecting their money instead of drawing insights and planning. This creates uncertainty, bottlenecks and suboptimal decisions.

This HighRadius webinar explains how an effective collections strategy drives a CFO’s office to accurately forecast cash; how to use automation of collections process for improving cash forecasting accuracy; important collections metrics and how to leverage them to improve your cash flow forecasting; and a case study on how you can enhance collections metrics and ultimately improve your cash forecasting.


Automation as an Asset to Attract and Retain Talent by Strategic Treasurer



About the Webinar

With millennials advancing and Generation Z coming into the workforce, we are now working with generations that have always had technology to make their lives more efficient.

Asking them to perform manual, repetitive tasks is not the way to attract and retain talent. There is a base level of automation that every company should consider – not only because their cash management needs are complex, but also because the talent they bring in need to be able to innovate and think with agility.

This webinar hosted by Strategic Treasurer and sponsored by Trovata covers how automation and innovation are a talent retention issue as well as a business processes issue, and why they should be taken seriously even at smaller, more traditional companies that don’t believe they have complex cash needs.*


Gain Control of Your Bank Fees under Inflationary Pressure by GTreasury



About the Webinar

With rising interest rates and inflationary pressures, it is expected that banks will be increasing their fees in response. Do you know what your banks are charging you in relation to you peers?

Watch this GTreasury webinar session to understand how Earnings Credit Rates (ECR) are moving with the market, how bank fee analysis and benchmarking can help ensure you are paying fair rates, and the importance of having bank fee analysis within your treasury and risk management system (TRMS).


The global minimum tax: what it means for treasurers by the Association of Corporate Treasurers (ACT)




About the Webinar

The introduction of a global 15% minimum tax rate represents a dramatic change in the international tax framework. The new rules, which have been agreed on by 137 countries, will take effect through 2023 and 2024 and will have a significant impact on the tax profile of all multinational groups with global turnover exceeding €750 million. 

The impact will extend well beyond the tax department, and treasurers will need to understand the effects on their organization:

  • Financing and hedging structures may need to change.
  • Cash tax profiles are likely to change in multiple territories, including traditionally “high tax” locations.
  • Changes to data collection and control frameworks will be needed.
  • Financial reporting and accounting will also be affected.

This ACT webinar provides an overview of the changes, discusses the potential impact on treasurers and treasury functions, and considers what actions they may need to take now in order to prepare for the introduction of the rules.



These webinars provide fresh insights and actionable takeaways to help you upskill, address key treasury concerns and assist your peers in navigating this unprecedented time. Expanding your treasury knowledge is important, but doing so to increase the value you provide to others is even more important.


*Disclaimer: CTMfile is owned by Strategic Treasurer.

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