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Force Protection migrates 45% of payments from cheque to electronic and generates an average of $15k

Force Protection is a global leader in blast- and ballistic-armored vehicles and other survivability products. Beginning in 2010, their accounts payable department in the US has successfully migrated 45% of their cheque payments to electronic payments using SunGard's AvantGard PayNetExchange (PNE) services.

The key to optimising vendor payments is having the resources and the time to enroll vendors on a new payment system. Force Protection used SunGard AvantGard to carry out a comprehensive vendor enrollment program in order to convert vendor payments from cheque to card or ACH payments. This campaign, customised to meet the requirements of Force Protection, included outreach to vendors through a variety of methods. By registering on the secure PayNetExchange Global Vendor Directory, these vendors can now take advantage of payment notifications and download payment and remittance data in a variety of industry standard formats for input to their AR systems.

PayNetExchange offer two paper-to-electronic migration paths: cheque-to-card migration and cheque-to-ACH for those vendors who either do not have the ability to process card payments today (they have no acquiring bank relationship and no merchant account) or do not want to take a card payment. For those vendors which are paid via card, PayNetExchange delivers, via their secure Vendor Portal, a single-use virtual card number, expiration date and CVV along with the payment and remittance information. The vendor then processes the payment as they would any card-not-present transaction, using either their POS terminal or Merchant Terminal. (The credit limit on the virtual card is the exact amount of the associated payment and the card numbers which have a short expiry date based on the number of days in the current month plus the next month.)

Force Protection enrolled over a third of their vendors to receive electronic payments, migrated 45% of their payments to electronic, and generated on average $15k per month in virtual card revenue.

By moving vendor payments from cheques to card or ACH, buyers can cut costs and generate a share of the Interchange income. Accomplishing this requires both a payment processing infrastructure AND an effective vendor enablement programme.

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