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Four experts’s Easter tips for global cash management in 2013

CTMfile asked two leading corporate treasurers and two senior bankers for their tips for global cash management in 2013. Their tips are:

Ernie Caballero - Vice President, EurAsia Mergers & Acquisitions and Treasury at UPS - is expecting an economic recovery at the end of 2013. So his tip for cash management in 2013 is:

  • Convince your organization to maintain the same internal disciplines in global liquidity & working capital measures. Do not let standards slip.

Ian Johnson's - European Treasurer, Merck Sharp & Dome - tip is to:

  • Keep It Simple Globally, e.g. Merck use exactly the same process for RMB payments as for any other local currency in their in-house bank payment processes.

Anupam Sinha, Director & Head Corporate Payments, Treasury and Trade Solutions, EMEA at Citi Transaction Services recommends that corporates:

  1. need to start SEPA migration NOW as we approach the regulatory end date of February 2014, and, at the very least, convert all the BIC and IBAN in your customer and supplier account files
  2. use SEPA as an opportunity to rationalize bank account structures, cash management processes and banking partners
  3. look for further efficiencies in all your cash management processes across corporate treasury department and Shared Service Centres, etc.
  4. leverage synergies across accounts payables & receivables, treasury and procurement to further integrate processes where possible.

Michael Spiegel's - Head of Trade Finance & Cash Management Corporates, Deutsche Bank - tips for 2013 are:

  1. SEPA is happening and the deadline – February 1 2014 – is looming. Companies with transactions in Europe must be prepared
  2. focus on the macro-economic global flow and optimise these payment flows
  3. in cash management make your goal: greater visibility and control.

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