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FX-hedge portfolio optimization using TIP

Key timing points
1:15 Why FX management is so hard
3:30 The dangers of gut-feeling/rule-of-thumb FX management
5:30 Optimising hedge ratios across your currency portfolio
8.12 The three steps in optimising FX hedging
13:00 Closing summary
14:00 What is role of TIP and TMS

CTMfile take: This is an example of how modern technology and the new calculation modules open up new levels of FX-hedging optimisation, enabling corporate treasurers, at long last, to move away from gut-feeling/rule-of-thumb based FX strategies.

TIPCO claim new levels of FX hedge efficiency whilst cutting FX dealing costs 

Alex Fleischmann, Head of Market Development - International at TIPCO describes their new FX-hedge portfolio optimiation module and how it can be applied. It replaces “gut-feel and rule-of-thumb” FX strategy with a systematic approach that is based on detailed mathematical and statistical analyses.

It gives the corporate treasurer and the CFO a solid layer of analysis and comfort to be able discuss and explain their strategy.

The WEBchat covers:

  1. FX risk management: Why is it so hard to get it right?
  2. FX-hedging without TIP: “We hedge 50% of our currency exposures.”
  3. FX-hedging with TIP: “We achieve a target risk at minimum costs.”
  4. Three easy steps to a more efficient, less costly hedge portfolio in TIP.

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