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Goldman Sachs bitcoin-backed loan - TREASURY NEWS - OpenTreasury Podcast #30

Pushpendra Mehta meets with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion include Australia’s central bank hiking interest rates, Deutsche Bank forecasting a major US recession, Visa prioritizing cybersecurity, Central Bank of the Philippines testing wholesale CBDC, Goldman Sachs issuing first bitcoin-backed loan, Kyriba announcing the launch of a new API connector with ICD, Apple facing antitrust charges in the EU, SWIFT expelling more Russian banks, and Russian sanctions potentially leading to splintering of the global financial order.


Article links

1:20 - Australia lifts interest rate

2:08 - “Deep recession”, Deutsche Bank’s new forecast

3:19 - Visa prioritizes cybersecurity due to digital security concerns

6:43 - Central Bank of the Philippines to test wholesale CBDC

8:02 - Goldman Sachs issues first bitcoin-backed loan

9:02 - Optimizing cash and liquidity management through a self-service API via Kyriba and ICD

11:23 - Apple responsible for violating EU antitrust laws regarding its payment technology

13:06 - EU indicates SWIFT to expel more Russian banks

15:04 - Russia sanctions could splinter global financial order, says Citi CEO

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