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Gresham adds features to its digital integration platform

Gresham Technologies, the software and services company, has announced that Clareti Integration Studio (CIS) is available with new features that are designed to accelerate digital transformation projects.

CIS simplifies the implementation, testing and maintenance of integrations using a model-driven architecture, a rich set of graphical tools and pre-built standards libraries for on-premise or cloud deployment. The solution provides access to a library of over 40 industry messaging standards including SWIFT, SEPA, FpML and FIX, as well as the ability to develop and manage the deployment of custom integrations across an enterprise. 

The technology is suitable for financial institutions, market infrastructures and solution providers due to its functionality and processing performance. Gresham says that organisations can benefit from reduced time to market and lower maintenance costs of building new financial products, messaging data services and application integrations.  

The latest release provides: 

  • Full support for SWIFT Standards MT Release 2019 changes.
  • Certification to run within Spring Cloud Data Flow – the de-facto open source integration engine to provide a full service integration engine for the Clareti platform.
  • Certification by Mulesoft against Mule 4, the latest release of the most extensive commercially available integration platform. 
  • New graphical capabilities for managing message schema evolution.

Ian Manocha, Gresham CEO, commented: “Gresham understand the challenges faced by customers who need trusted integration capabilities to support their digital programmes, new product or regulatory initiatives, and business connectivity needs. Initiatives such as PSD2 are driving new payments and digital services and for organisations to be competitive they need to be able to move fast without creating a technical debt and maintenance burden. Clareti Integration Studio enables organisations to accelerate their integration projects, from the simplest to the most complex, and to be in control.”

Neil Vernon, Gresham CTO, said: “The ability to capture, manipulate and push data in multiple formats, in real-time when needed, can be a real headache for project leaders. Clareti provides access to reusable, trusted messaging that is fully maintained and readily available for fast, efficient and reliable data modelling and integration requirements. As an example, it was recently licensed by one of the world’s largest clearing houses for the transformation of FpML and FIXML messages. Clareti Integration Studio enables organisations to put the power of the platform to work for virtually any type of custom integration with complete confidence.”

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