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GTreasury achieves record TMS market share and positive customer support scores

GTreasury, a treasury and risk management system provider, have announced successful execution against its four 2020 strategic pillars, including deeper integrations of its cash management and risk analytics solutions, growing innovation around AI and its expanding partner ecosystem, trackable customer success metrics, and financial performance.  

“We’ve seen strong progress, both financially and operationally, at GTreasury throughout the first half of 2020,” said Renaat Ver Eecke, CEO of GTreasury. “We have crossed a major milestone for the company. Our execution in Q2 enabled us to achieve consistent and long-term profitability starting this quarter. We consider this an affirmation of our expanded and more integrated risk management and treasury platform, as well as our commitment to ensuring customer success.” 

Delivering on four key strategic pillars in 2020

Over the last six months GTreasury has been quietly delivering on their strategic pillars:

  1. Delivering an integrated treasury and risk management system: 
    • GTreasury has finalized the product integration from its acquisition of Visual Risk. They now offer a seamless combination of cash management software and risk analytics, to now provide a single source of truth for all of treasury’s data.
    • Empowering companies with the quick business insights necessary to make informed cashflow decisions. It has never been more important for finance, risk and treasury professionals to be able to understand where their company stands from a cash and risk perspective.
    • Companies using GTreasury have all of the data, reports, and dashboards they need to make better decisions and act accordingly. 
  2. Growing innovation and expanding ecosystem: 
    • AI innovation: GTreasury has made significant improvements to its cash forecasting module and will have additional features, including AI and scenario analysis, releasing to customers this year.  
    •  GTreasury is the first treasury and risk management system provider to partner with Goldman Sachs and its Transaction Banking platform. GTreasury will have additional key partnerships announced later this year.  
    • : GTreasury has paired its solution with Fenics Market Data, a leading originator, generator, and distributor of global financial and commodities market data. 
    •  GTreasury remains focused on ensuring its product and customers are prepared for the LIBOR transition, and the impact it will have on corporations and financial institutions around the globe.  
  3. Committed to service excellence: 
    • In Q2 during the COVID-19 crisis, GTreasury’s net promoter score (NPS) for customer support was +80, a full 50 points above longstanding industry averages for SaaS companies. 
    • In that same period, GTreasury had more than 50 clients, globally, going live with their deployment projects – the highest number for any given quarter.
  4. Strong financial performance: 
    • GTreasury customers executed the highest transaction volume in the company’s history which lead to GTreasury profitability in Q2
    • GTreasury expects profitability to continue, as the year has seen a record number of renewed contracts and expanded deployments. 

CTMfile take: This is a stunning performance. GTreasury not only delivered record turnover and new clients in a very difficult last six months, they did this AT THE SAME TIME as recording industry leading customer support scores. Not only this, their emerging ecosystem could also be the most important development of all.

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