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GTreasury and Visual Risk merge = major new TMS alternative

When GTreasury and Visual Risk announced their partnership in October 2017 it brought a major new solution to the market, but there were unresolved important questions about how it would work and who would be calling the shots. Now that is all cleared up with the announcement that GTreasury and Visual Risk are joining forces to create (their Press Release claims) “the most comprehensive Treasury Management System in the Market” and explains why GTreasury raised $42 million from Mainsail Partners in 2017. The new GTreasury solution really does now cover all areas in cash and treasury management, as the figure below shows:

Source & Copyright©2018 - GTreasury 

Not only this, the global experience from GTreasury’s 30 years in the cash management and banking business, and Visual Risk’s risk management experience and coverage gives the new GTreasury solution impressive global coverage:

Source & Copyright©2018 - GTreasury 

No wonder the Press Release claims that, “The combined platform empowers treasurers to be more strategic and effective in managing liquidity and risk for the enterprise.” 

Solving the integration challenge

The logic of bringing together the huge experience and offerings from GTreasury’s cash and liquidity management with the risk management from Visual Risk has driven this merger, but that is not enough. The integration of the two platforms is crucial, if they are incompatible it drags the new solution down making any new development tortuous and expensive, e.g. Reval’s difficulty in incorporating the ecofinance platform. 

Same technology in the two platforms

Here, vitally the two SaaS platforms use basically the same technology as Alok Tyagi, CTO, at GTreasury explains, “Architecturally both products follow similar paradigms making our navigation model seamless. The first similarity is that both GTreasury and Visual Risk are deployed on a Microsoft Cloud stack, using Microsoft SQL Server and secured end-points in Microsoft Azure. Both are also API rich and we are converging our UI to HTML/5 JS based technology.” Not only this, there is relatively little overlap between the databases which minimises the work to bring the two platforms together. 

New development

GTreasury and Visual risk both operate using agile development, specifically the Scrum framework, where the teams work in two week sprints and pursue the DevOps methodology of releasing new customer value regularly. Tyagi comments, “We operate in a Continuous Delivery environment, where we release new customer value into a production environment much faster. This approach has higher code quality, higher environment uptime and significantly reduces the risk of failure and recover when we encounter unforeseen conditions. It also allows us to be nimble and deliver un-met needs of customers faster and better that traditional methods.”

Update frequency

The new GTreasury platform will deliver frequent updates to meet users’ changing needs. Tyagi confirms the focus on frequent updates saying that, “We operate like a modern enterprise SaaS business where we provide regular high-quality updates in our production environment every 4 to 6 weeks. Our Product approach is deeply customer-connected where we aim to deliver customer-outcome based new value on a regular basis. Our Continuous-Delivery approach has enabled us to deliver customer-value on-demand and at the pace of customer need.”

First integration milestone

The integration of the two plaforms is proceeding apace. The first big milestone will be in the September timeframe when GTreasury will launch their first integrated product with similar look and feel.

CTMfile take: The new GTreasury offering is impressive. The fully integrated platform really will happen and will offer extensive functionality and depth across all areas of corporate treasury. Also the focus on Continuous Delivery will ensure that the new GTreasury really does meet corporate treasury’s evolving needs. GTreasury is now no longer a secret, it has become one to watch.

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By Kelvin Walton on 30th Apr 2018:

I really appreciate this useful analysis of the GTreasury-Visual Risk Merger.  Quite unusually for the TMS space, I think this corporate action will bring real benefits to the merged corporation, the combined client base, and the respective professional teams.  If the integration project fulfils its its goal of seamless SaaS based delivery, the solution will approach the long-discussed goal of a 360 degree TMS.

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