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Guide for reaching the holy grail of real-time liquidity

Real-time liquidity management is no longer a dream, it is already a reality in some forms, as we showed in our WEBchat on Deutsche Bank’s workflow solution for maximising treasury department’s ‘real-time’ multi-currency liquidity management. But to achieve real-time liquidity management means, as two Citi liquidity management experts Rupa Mankad and Ambrish Bansal point out in their excellent article “Guide to Mapping a Course to Real-Time Liquidity” that it requires, “staying on top of the ever-evolving marketplace and technology developments, and taking the incremental steps necessary to keep their organizations on a sound path to reaping the many benefits of viewing and mobilizing funds in real-time.”

Plotting the way forward

Mankad and Bansal review the many actions required and found that in real-time liquidity in plotting a route to real-time liquidity, one size does not fit all. All organizations face challenges that are unique to them determined by a wide range of factors such as industry sector, organizational structure, geographic footprint and technology readiness.

In their Review and Action Checklist they recommend that corporate treasurers take the following actions:

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 Enhancing treasury processes and tapping banking partners

Mankad and Bansal recommend that corporate treasury departments take every opportunity to enhance their systems and processes, e.g. using APIs, etc., and also to get their banking partners involved in developing their goals, and objectives etc.

CTMfile take: Excellent paper on how to pursue the path to real-time-liquidity which shows the depth and range of what is required.

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