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How can corporate treasurers use cryptocurrencies?

In this WEBchat Haydn Jones reviews:

  1. The foundation - Distributed Ledger Technology and why it needs reframing
  2. Bitcoin - great in theory: the problems and the positives
  3. What does this mean for the corporate treasurer:
    • The problems and opportunities with Bitcoin 
    • How improve payment and settlement
    • How to tokenise business
    • How to improve supply chain efficiencies 
    • The issues in accepting Bitcoins
  4. New cryptocurrencies.
Key timing points
0:30 DLT and why it needs reframing
2:08 BofE work proving the realities and importance of the block chain concept
2:40 Block chain progress has hit the buffers
3:00 Bitcoin provides framework for store of value, a ledger, paying people, and attaching conditions to the payment
5:26 Bitcoin = theoretical framework collapse of the components of today’s commercial interface between the customer and supplier
5:43 What is wrong with Bitcoin
7:05 Plus side of Bitcoin
7:45 Fiat payment and settlement: RIPPLE, SETL, CORDA
9:18 Tokenizing business
13:12 Should we accept Bitcoins?
14:20 Use cases corporate treasurer should be investigating
15:05 New digital currencies: Cloud tokens

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