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How to create a responsible supply chain

Businesses world-wide are now losing business if they do not have a fair and ethical supply chain, e.g. using suppliers employing child labout or companies that are destrorying their environment. But it is very difficult to monitor what is happening with all your suppliers. Cloud based database Environmental, Social and Governance services are now filling this need, such as CSRware.

CSRware’s RSC Software

CSRware® is a cloud-based Corporate Social Responsibility software platform that enables businesses to meet a higher standard of accountability and transparency to overcome today’s most challenging environmental, social and governance issues. 

CSRware’s mission is to create and deliver innovative solutions to measure and manage environmental sustainability and responsible sourcing.  CSRware® is committed to driving standards by providing tools to overcome today’s most challenging environmental, social and governance issues. With CSRware Responsible Supply Chain (RSC) software, you can generate immediate insights into ethical sourcing by:

  • Vendor risk management tracking
  • Classify as low, medium or high risk
  • Integrate into RFI, RFP process
  • Dashboard analytics - flag & report
  • Track responses, modify email escalations
  • Identify & mitigate risk using risk
  • assessments
  • Generate reports to review responses
  • Drive corrective actions avoiding future risk.

In a recent upgrade CSRware added features to cove the new EU Law CSR requirements.


CSRware claim that the main benefits of using their platform are:

  1. Risk Mitigation - supplier disclosure to reduce risk (child labor, human trafficking, including supply chain disruption, noncompliance, and brand protection
  2. Compliance - ensuring compliance and supplier auditing is active and visible
  3. Evaluation - responsible supply chain using analytics and supplier transparency and accountability.

CTMfile take: Using CSRware could enhance vendor insights, identify and mitigate risks, and save you loads of money in lost business because you’ll be using acceptable and popular suppliers.

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