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How to create a stand-out CV/resume

Good CV/s/Resume’s can get you the first interviews or they can ensure that you never receive any interviews. In this WEBchat with Mike Richards, CEO and Founder of The Treasury Recruitment Company, explains  that to get that first interview your CV/resume has to: do the basics right, show the prospective employer that you can solve their painpoints, provide an interesting and developing story, and show what your next career development step is. He discusses how the length of CVs varies, and what the real essence of a CV/resume should be.

Key timing points
01:31 Basic housekeeping
02:52 Be their painkiller
03:29 Identify their ‘Pain :points’
04:59 Provide an interesting plot
05:42 Where to next?
06:47 How long should a CV be?
07:40 The essence of the CV

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By Josepj Watkins on 11th Sep 2017:

Would it be possible to show a visual example of a really good resume/CV ?

By Mike Richards on 14th Sep 2017:

Great comment and I am delighted to say YES!

We are actually in the process of updating our FREE CV Templates and will be publishing them shortly.

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