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How to measure corporate treasury department success

Key timing points
0:49 The traditional treasury
2:36 Model for the modern treasury function
5:26 Treasury Metrics – A Starter Kit
13:54 Closing remarks

CTMfile take: Lynn really challenges the traditional view of the corporate treasury department and the range of functions that the TMS should be covering. While his views on corporate treasury department remuneration are revolutionary.

In this WEBchat,  Bruce Lynn, Managing Partner at The FECG - a financial and treasury consulting firm based in the US, examines the traditional model of corporate treasury, presents his new model and then the seven metrics he believes really measure the success of the corporate treasury department. He finishes with his recommendations on how corporate treasury departments should be remunerated.

WEBchat sections:

  1. The traditional treasury
  2. Model for the modern treasury function
  3. Treasury metrics – a starter kit.

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