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HSBC’s interactive treasury map: a useful starting point

Today there is too much data and no clarity which is why most services have a ’summary view’, a ‘dashboard’ to help the user understand what is happening. But how do you give users access to a huge database of information and assistance? On a global scale, one way is to provide a map and link everything to this map. This is what HSBC is starting to do, see, in their “Interactive treasury map” which is available at moment by region and by theme. 

By region

In the interactive map, each country that has some data is coloured in and it ‘lights up’ when the user hovers over, see below the response to a click on Indonesia:

Source & Copyright©2018 - HSBC 

By theme

At the moment there are are two themes:

  • Belt road initiative
  • Sustainable financing.

And like the Regions map, when the user hovers over a country details of the BRI or sustainable financing available appear.

The potential

At the moment HSBC’s Interactive Treasury map is quite simple, but it could be so much more. For example, if when the user hovers over a country they were offered:

  • WorldWide Country profile data directly from the map (rather than from a WWCF book or  CD-ROM), on:
    • background and economic data
    • credit profile
    • legal and regulatory
    • taxation
    • banking and payment instruments
    • etc.
  • Cash and treasury management case studies
  • New business opportunities
  • Etc.

Some corporates would be happy to pay for this level of support, as it would save them so much time. 

CTMfile take: But it all depends on the business model as always.

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