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Huge growth in Same Day ACH drives payments traffic in US

In Q2 2018, The US's ACH payments saw increased traffic, as ACH debit and credit transactions reached more than 5.7 billion. According to Nacha – The Electronic Payments Association (Nacha), this is a growth rate of 6.2 per cent compared to Q2 2017 – one of the highest growth rates since 2008. Nacha stated that this strong quarterly performance shows that ACH payments, including Same Day ACH transactions, are being embraced by businesses and consumers alike.

Some of the Q2 2018 figures in Nacha's statement include:

  • 41 million Same Day ACH transactions, including 21 million credit and nearly 20 million debit transactions – representing a year-on-year increase of 243 per cent;
  • more than 3.3 billion ACH debit transactions;
  • nearly 2.4 billion ACH credit transactions;
  • 1.7 billion direct deposit transactions for payroll and other consumer disbursement, representing a 4.2 per cent increase;
  • nearly 1.5 billion internet transactions, a 14.3 per cent increase;
  • 889 million B2B transactions, up 8.6 per cent; and
  • more than 29 million person-to-person transactions.

Nacha's Jane Larimer commented: “The ACH Network provides substantial value to everyone who sends or receives payments, including businesses, consumers, governments and financial institutions. Another strong quarterly performance demonstrates how vital the ACH Network is to the US economy.”

And Larimer added: “More people than ever before are enjoying the benefits of Same Day ACH. As the adoption of Same Day ACH continues to grow, NACHA will seek to continue to expand the capabilities of Same Day ACH and the ACH Network.”

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By Brian Shanahan on 30th Jul 2018:

There are not many good news stories out there right now, but this definitely is a good piece of news. In my experience, Same Day ACH is a great and inexpensive process. But many firms still are not aware that Same Day ACH exists and those that do are often not aware of the very small cost of the process.

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