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ICD launches next-generation MMF trading and risk management portal

ICD today launched their ICD Portal™, its next generation institutional money-market fund trading and risk management platform, culminating more than two years of comprehensive design and benchmark system development. The company is rolling out internationally for corporate clients spanning 25 countries and featuring money funds denominated in six major currencies. ICD next-generation MMF trading and risk management portal has:

  • customizable, purpose-built portal views according to client preference
  • state-of-the-art security features ensuring protection of MMF trading and risk management workflows
  • open information architecture enabling rapid integration with all treasury technologies
  • seamless integration of client account balances with ICD's Transparency Plus, providing one-click access to dynamic risk management intelligence, exposure analytics, and comprehensive reporting
  • n-demand portfolio compliance tracking aligned with Treasury Strategies™ recommended MMF
  • guideline parameters
  • SWIFT-enabled infrastructure facilitating consolidation of trading and payment workflows.

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