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ICD’s Transparency Plus® 3.0 enhances Exposure Analytics to include a wide range of fixed inco

San Francisco: Institutional Cash Distributors (ICD) today announced the release of Transparency Plus 3.0 (T+ 3.0), its latest exposure analytics application with new institutional investment features and risk management capabilities that further aggregates investment decision-control for corporate treasury.

The key features of this release include:

  • macro view T+ 3.0 creates for investors and cash managers
  • separately managed accounts for Short Duration Bond Funds, Money Market Funds, Proprietary Portfolios, Bank Accounts and Time Deposits.
  • loading of fund holding reports weekly
  • counterparty lending indicator metrics.
  • expanded analytic reporting includes the T+ Comprehensive Report, T+ Universal Investment Exposure Report and T+ Money Market Fund Guideline Actual Report.

Overall Transparency Plus 3.0 streamlines the decision matrix for corporate treasury institutional investment and risk management.

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