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Implications of US & global tax reform for MNCs

During the last 16 months, we have witnessed unprecedented corporate tax reform, both in the U.S. and overseas. This webinar will address the implications for multinational corporations of some of the more significant changes from the perspective of CFOs and Treasurers.

Unlike many tax webinars, this webinar will focus on the practical implications of key tax changes. While it will provide a brief explanation of the relevant tax provisions as background, it will discuss observations and action items that will assist in understanding how companies are reacting to tax reform so you can react to the changes in the most favourable manner.

This webinar is designed for accounting, finance, treasury, tax and legal executives at multinational companies, large and small.


During this 1 hour webinar, Bruce Lynn of the Financial Executives Consulting Group (FECG) (www.thefecg.com); Sean King, the U.S. representative of Weidema van Tol, a law firm with offices in Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Switzerland, U.K. and U.S. ( www.wvant.com ) and Gene White of IQ-EQ, an accounting, tax and corporate services outsourcing firm with offices in 23 countries (www.iqeq.com) will discuss the following topics:

  • Treasury implications of U.S. tax reform
  • Planning techniques based on U.S. tax reform
  • Global tax reform
  • What’s next.


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