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OpenTreasury #25 - India’s 30% crypto tax, Russia’s crypto push, US stopping Russian debt payments, war leading to global food crisis, Citi’s 2022 Digital Money Index.


Pushpendra Mehta meets with Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner of Strategic Treasurer, to review the latest treasury news and developments. Topics of discussion include India’s 30% cryptocurrency tax, Russia’s push into cryptocurrency, the US Treasury halting Russian dollar debt payments, the Ukraine war threatening to create the biggest global food crisis since WWII, and Citi launching its latest Digital Money Index.  


1:19 - India to impose a 30% tax on profits from cryptocurrencies and digital assets, effective April 1st

3:36 - Sberbank, locked out of the world’s financial markets, launches cryptocurrency

5:39 - Treasury halts Russian government dollar debt payments

7:64 - Ukraine war has brought the world to the brink of a food crisis

10:22 - Citi launched 2022’s Digital Money Index

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