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Industry roundup: 22 March

Deutsche Bank and TIS partner on multi-bank services for corporates

Deutsche Bank and Treasury Intelligence Solutions (TIS) have announced that they are entering a strategic partnership to develop and distribute multi-bank services for corporate treasury and finance departments. The focus of the cooperation is on new and innovative products and services combining the complementary capabilities and skills of an experienced payment platform provider with the expertise of a global corporate bank.

The first area of cooperation is a payment fraud prevention solution. Payment fraud is a major issue for CFOs and finance departments. Both parties see increasing demand from clients for effective solutions that are easy to use and can be deployed rapidly.

The software service will extend beyond the payment data of individual customers, leveraging the knowledge of all corporates using the service, while the shared data remains anonymised. The solution aims to help improve the detection of potential fraud before the payment instruction leaves a client’s system. Working with customers to better understand their challenges and pain points, the two firms say the new service represents true co-creation.

“Establishing client solutions that are beyond traditional financial services by leveraging Deutsche Bank’s expertise in global payment markets is a key focus area for us," said Ole Matthiessen, global head of Cash Management at Deutsche Bank. "Partnering with TIS and combining our strengths with an established provider of technology-enabled treasury services will provide our clients with a state-of-the-art, multi-bank-enabled risk management tool to mitigate an ever increasing fraud risk."

“Harnessing both company and community data to solve key challenges, such as fraud prevention, together with Deutsche Bank is a big win for our customers,” added Erol Bozak, co-founder and chief product officer of TIS. 


US ACH Network expands same day ACH

Nacha, The Clearing House and The Federal Reserve - collectively comprising the infrastructure of the ACH Network in the US - have announced the successful expansion of Same Day ACH.

On 19 March 2021, the operating hours of Same Day ACH were extended through the establishment of a third daily opportunity to clear and settle Same Day ACH payments. Now, Same Day ACH payments can be submitted by financial institutions to their ACH operator until 4:45 p.m. ET, with settlement of funds occurring at 6 p.m. ET. With this expansion, the ACH Network now settles payments four times each business day.

“Same Day ACH is a cornerstone of the modern ACH Network,” said Jane Larimer, Nacha President and CEO. “The expansion of Same Day ACH is a textbook example of collaboration among the organisations that make up the ACH Network.”

Same Day ACH has grown significantly since its introduction in September 2016. In 2020, nearly 350 million Same Day ACH payments were made; and more than 850 million Same Day ACH payments have been made since its inception.


Business leaders optimistic about Brexit but fear impact on supply chain resiliency 

Supply chain network Avetta surveyed more than 120 business leaders and found they expect Brexit to have the biggest impact on the resiliency of the supply chain in the short term and the future. Avetta partnered with the Executive Network Group to gather feedback from C-level executives; 72% of the respondents say the supply chain will experience the biggest changes from the UK leaving the EU.

One director in the aerospace industry has already seen some challenges, commenting: “We have witnessed a shortage in raw materials and delays within our procurement function.”

The findings included in the Brexit Impact Survey Report show half of the respondents expect Brexit to impact legislative changes; nearly one-third (29%) anticipate changes in documentation and administrative processes; 16% on sales revenue; 11% on market/sector competition; and 10% on hiring permanent staff. Only 5% saw an impact on engaging temporary staff and keeping sustainability, environmental and social value commitments.

Overall, respondents are optimistic about the UK's future. About one-fourth of the respondents agree Brexit will have an impact on hiring and flexible staffing needs in 2021. However, 39% expect Brexit will affect their hiring strategy for EU workers. Only 11% of the executives say they have had to strengthen their team to deal with the changes.

The survey suggests executives will need to prepare for the following issues:

  • Mitigating the impact of supply chain disruptions. 
  • Understanding legislation affecting corporate waste management and recycling.  
  • Taking a proactive approach towards procurement and long-term sustainability.  
  • Developing talent pipeline and understanding restrictions to free movement in the EU.


HSBC Asset Management and IFC real economy green bond raises US$538m

HSBC Asset Management and IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, have announced the final closing of the HSBC Real Economy Green Investment Opportunity GEM Bond Fund (REGIO), boosting access to climate finance and helping further develop the market for green bonds. REGIO, the first green bond fund focused on well-diversified climate-smart investments in “real economy” issuers in emerging market countries, closed with total investor commitments of US$538m as at 29 January following further investment from two European investors.

The REGIO fund has a blended finance objective which will aim to enable professional investors to align financial return objectives with real economy impact to deliver against the Paris Climate Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals.

REGIO uses both public and private capital to build climate change-mitigation capacity in the markets that are most at threat from the effects of climate change. The aim of the fund is to help these economies in their transition to a low-carbon future by further increasing access to climate finance and promoting the development of sustainable capital markets through a broader range of issuers.

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