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Industry roundup: 8 July

Parcelforce Worldwide receives Bottomline Think Green award 

Bottomline, a provider of business payments technology, has named Parcelforce Worldwide as the 2021 recipient of its Think Green award.  The award, first given in 2009, recognises organisations that use Bottomline technology solutions to drive environmentally-friendly and sustainable business practices.   

Parcelforce adopted Bottomline’s PT-X Direct Debit Management to replace its manual Direct Debit scheduled payment permissions process with an automated system. Automating Direct Debit supports Parcelforce as a more responsible business, reducing costs of customer onboarding and the chance of errors by eliminating the need to manually rekey authorisation details.  

"Adopting Bottomline’s Direct Debit Management solution directly supports our commitment to continuous sustainability practices across our business processes," said James Treble, business analyst at Parcelforce Worldwide. "We’ve also significantly accelerated the revenue collection process from new parcel customers. We’ve reduced the time it takes to receive payment from customers from 13 days to 5 days."


Process optimisation services added to SAP Business Technology Platform

SAP has released three services designed to help customers get the full potential of the cloud using SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP). The offering includes services for exploration, for process optimisation and innovation as well as for re-platforming and extension development. These services aim to enable customers to implement a hybrid cloud environment, allowing them to respond rapidly to changing market conditions. The services also provide greater scalability.

A recent McKinsey study noted the cloud’s potential to create US$1 trillion in additional value. Early adopters who aggressively pursue cloud strategies will reap the greatest share of this potential. SAP says the new services provide customers business benefits including:

  • Gaining insights into possible hybrid cloud landscapes and designs that meet unique customer needs.
  • Adapting a digital innovation strategy that ensures long-term success.
  • Improving existing custom applications using cloud technologies for greater scalability, agility, flexibility and faster time to value.
  • Discovering value and cost benefits by moving existing custom applications and new development to the cloud.

Together these new services allow customers to leverage the full potential of SAP BTP, facilitating quick and agile reactions to constantly changing market, business and technology conditions and evolving customer demands.


Thunes targets simplified treasury onboarding

Treasury onboarding is a complex process that can often be time-consuming and challenging. Onboarding a new partner requires the completion of a high volume of legal, compliance and financial documentation - and that’s unavoidable. But payment network Thunes says it has identified ways to speed up and simplify the experience to enable partners to get to market faster and start generating revenue. 

Thunes has launched a Treasury Onboarding Module that automates manual tasks, cuts turnaround times and adds greater transparency. The treasury onboarding module is available to all incoming partners, paving the way for a smooth and efficient experience. The module enables partners to share information with Thunes, to complete both partner due diligence and treasury onboarding. 

Automated notifications allow each party to find, track and review comments, eliminating the need for endless email or phone exchanges. The simplified procedure can be used across different teams, becoming a single hub for customer data, reducing any risk of duplication and error. As a result, new partners will be able to join Thunes’ global network in a matter of days - not weeks - and quickly establish corridors anywhere in the world.

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