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Industry Roundup

Wells Fargo launches integrated receivables, an AI-powered offering, to help simplify accounts receivables

Wells Fargo & Company have launched Integrated Receivables, a new Accounts Receivable service that uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, and robotic processing to help simplify payment and remittance data capture, re-association, and invoice matching.

“Integrated Receivables allows our clients to spend less time working on piecing together payments data and more time focusing on their core business objectives,” said Danny Peltz, head of Treasury Management & Payment Solutions for Wells Fargo. “By automating the capture of payments and the matching of funds to invoices, Integrated Receivables can help produce significant operational cost savings, reduce the risk of incomplete or inaccurate data entry, and accelerate cash flow.”

Integrated Receivables’ customer implementation process is highly configurable, and has been streamlined by Wells Fargo to help make it easy for clients to get up and running quickly. It is based on technology from DadeSystems, a leading provider of AR automation solutions.

Samba Bank Pakistan partners with BPC to digitize banking and payment systems

Samba Bank Pakistan, a fully owned subsidiary of the largest bank in the Middle East (Saudi National Bank), has signed an agreement with BPC Banking Technologies to modernise its digital banking and payment processing technology infrastructure and provide a frictionless digital banking and payment experience for its customers.

BPC’s Digital Banking platform will allow digital onboarding of customers to the delivery of payment instruments as well as day-to-day transactional needs. The platform will augment and enhance customer experiences across their initiatives within their lifestyle, when buying goods, travelling, growing financially, investing, sharing money and goods, or running a business.

Nomentia explains their takeover of TIPCO

TIPCO’s website now has many details of the Nomentia reasoning and advantages from this takeover are best summed up by the phrase “One plus one equals three” which is a neat summary of what this deal means.

Another way of looking at this is their diagram showing the new “Solution portfolio Nomentia”

Source & Copyright©2021 - Nomentia

Much more to come on this new player.

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