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Inside the World of Strategic Treasurer

In a recent podcast interview, Craig Jeffrey, the managing partner of Strategic Treasurer, shares insights into the various aspects of his company, its research initiatives, and the podcasts they produce.

As an industry expert with years of experience, Craig provides valuable perspectives on how Strategic Treasurer tackles diverse challenges within the treasury space, their dedication to providing customized solutions to clients, and their commitment to continuous learning and growth. 

Keep reading for the key takeaways from the episode or listen to the full podcast here.

If you’d like to hear more from Corporate Treasury 101, please visit their website here or find them on any of your favorite podcast apps. 


A Look Into Strategic Treasure’s Core Businesses

Strategic Treasurer, a leading treasury consulting firm, offers a wide range of services across four core business areas. These include advisory services, assistance services, information services, and research initiatives.

Advisory Services

As part of their advisory services, Strategic Treasurer provides traditional consulting in all areas of treasury, such as cash management, risk management, financial strategy, and liquidity optimization.

The firm's experts work closely with clients to develop tailored solutions, help them navigate complex treasury challenges, and offer strategic guidance to maximize their financial performance and mitigate risks.

Assist Services

The assist services provided by Strategic Treasurer focus on "headache removal" for companies, offering support in time-consuming and specialized tasks.

This involves staffing for cash position forecasting, card management, compliance work, bank account reporting, and managing account activities during mergers or divestitures.

By taking on these tasks, Strategic Treasurer allows clients to concentrate on their core business operations while ensuring that their treasury functions run smoothly and efficiently.

Inform Services

Strategic Treasurer's information services aim to keep the treasury community informed and educated on the latest trends, news, and best practices in the industry. They offer a variety of platforms for knowledge-sharing, such as CTM File, a media outlet, and two podcasts: the Treasury Update Podcast, which is Strategic Treasurer's primary podcast, and the Open Treasury Podcast, a collaboration with CTM File. These resources provide a wealth of information, interviews, and insights for professionals in the treasury space.

Research Initiatives

Strategic Treasurer is committed to advancing the treasury field through its extensive research initiatives. The firm conducts 12 annual research surveys, which encompass a broad range of topics such as industry trends, best practices, emerging technologies, and regulatory developments. These surveys serve as a valuable resource for professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve in the dynamic treasury landscape.

In addition to these surveys, Strategic Treasurer's research efforts also extend to payment companies, fintechs, and banks. By collaborating with these stakeholders, the firm contributes to driving innovation, informing strategic decision-making, and identifying growth opportunities within the market. This comprehensive research approach positions Strategic Treasurer as a thought leader in the treasury space, enabling them to provide clients with cutting-edge insights and solutions.

Passion for Treasury and Research

Strategic Treasurer's dedication to treasury and research is evident in their approach to providing services and solutions, which is underpinned by a deep commitment to understanding their client's needs and the evolving landscape of the industry.

Calibrated Solutions

The firm prides itself on delivering customized solutions that address each client's unique complexities and issues. This focus on calibrated solutions ensures clients receive tailored advice and support, enabling them to navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the rapidly evolving treasury environment.

Learning from Data

Strategic Treasurer utilizes broader data sets to fine-tune their understanding of the industry and challenge assumptions. By continually learning from data, they remain at the forefront of treasury knowledge and expertise, ensuring their clients have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information and best practices.

Relationships and Analysis

The company's strong relationships with various firms and tech companies contribute to their success, as these partnerships enable them to stay informed about emerging trends and developments in the treasury space. Their love for analysis and putting pieces together allows them to provide comprehensive and insightful solutions to clients, synthesizing complex information into actionable strategies.


In summary, Strategic Treasurer's multifaceted approach to treasury management, combined with their commitment to research and continuous learning, sets them apart as a leading provider of treasury solutions.

From advisory and assistance services to inform services and research initiatives, the company is well-equipped to address the diverse needs of its clients. Through their podcasts and ongoing engagement with industry stakeholders, Strategic Treasurer continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the treasury landscape.

For organizations seeking tailored, data-driven treasury solutions and insights, connecting with Strategic Treasurer is a strategic move toward a more resilient and efficient financial future.

Listen to the podcast above, or via our YouTube Channel below:

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