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Investigative Due Diligence solutions and platforms are your future

Corporate treasury departments began using treasury management systems over thirty+ years ago for basic transaction recording. Since they have expanded and now cover many instruments and variety of information. Today corporate treasury departments can carryout complex risk analyses that were unimaginable 30 years ago, e.g. OpenLink’s new cloud based platform in which “There is now enough power and security in the OpenLink Cloud for major players to move mission critical systems to their Cloud platform.” 

Over the last decade or so, a new breed of systems have emerged which are already having a huge impact and will be a major driver in corporate treasury in the future: Integrated Due Diligence (IDD) Platforms. The IDD solutions bring together vital data that is critical input for making key decisions with decision support tools. A vital part of the IDD solutions is how they aim to only present information that is relevant, i.e. they cut out the noise.

Combating money laundering

Mounting an effective anti-money laundering campaign is a huge complex task which requires the AML manager to know what is happening world-wide, e.g. what are the new techniques being used, which country has changed their AML regulations, who are the new polically sensitive people, etc. But there is a huge amount of data and information that is not relevant, e.g. about countries where their company don’t operate in and is noise which clouds the view of what needs and can be done.

A classic example of a IDD solution is Thomson Reuters’s CLEAR online investigation software which brings all the company’s investigative needs into one solution. CLEAR aids organizations to mitigate crime by providing consistent, comprehensive, and defensible investigative results.

CLEAR users can:

  • Access key proprietary and public records in a single environment
  • Stay up-to-date on your investigations with real-time records that uncover hidden information
  • Save hours of research time by enabling alerts to notify you when new information is available on a subject
  • Be confident you have the most reliable data by viewing underlying source documents that Thomson Reuters have assembled cutting out the untrustworthy data, 

CLEAR is an investigative due diligence platform which provides a one-stop shop for analysts to quickly obtain a complete picture of their subject. Allowing companies to complete their KYC investigations, comply with BSA regulations, and optimize their AML programmes.

Other IDD solutions

Compliance is a huge task for the corporate treasury department today as they fight to comply with increasing number of regulations and standards, booming levels of cyber fraud, etc. Suppliers have been reacting to these increasing pressures on the corporate treasury department by providing:

  • KYC platforms, e.g. KYC.com, Thomson Reuters OrgID
  • MiFID support
  • Legal support platforms
  • LEI support platforms.

GDPR compliance support is also clearly needed.

CTMfile take: As the corporate treasury world becomes ever more complex, the need for Integrated Due Diligence support will grow. The only question for the corporate treasury department is, “How many platforms will you belong to?.”

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