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Ireland: from 19 September 2014 cheques to e-payments switchover by government

Businesses and public-sector bodies in Ireland are preparing for e-Day, the day Government departments and offices, local authorities and State agencies will no longer issue or accept cheques. Last September, Minister of State at the Department of Finance Brian Hayes, TD, launched e-Day, to give organisations 12 months to prepare for the transition to electronic payments.

The 19 September e-Day is an initiative under the Central Bank’s National Payments Plan to cut costs and improve cash flow in the Irish economy.

(Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) issue 80% of all business cheques, and they also receive 78% of all business cheques, a recent Central Bank report suggests.)

Preparing for e-Day

If you are a business being paid by, or paying to, public-sector bodies, then the best thing to do is to ensure that whoever is paying you has details of your bank account, so you can be paid electronically.

If you pay public bodies by cheque, you will need to check with them what alternative options will be accepted. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), direct debit and payment card options are among the alternatives that will be offered by impacted Government departments and offices, state agencies and local authorities. Each of these will advise its customers on what options will be available.

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