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Is e-invoicing / e-billing entering a new era?

Billentis/Bruno Koch have just issued their latest report on the state of e-invoicing world-wide. Entitled ‘E-invoicing / E-billing 2015: entering a new era’, the report describes the global e-invoicing market volumes and why Bruno believes that we are entering a new era.

The e-invoicing market

Key facts and estimates from the report include:

  • electronic and automated invoice processes can result in 60-80% savings compared to paper based processes with projects typically having a payback period of 0.5-1.5 years
  • only 42 billion of the 500bn++ bills/invoices globally are paperless with very different penetration and growth rates/region:

Source & Copyright©2015 - Billentis

  • in Europe usage by industry varies significantly:

Source & Copyright©2015 - Billentis

  • only 1-5% of all invoices are send and paid abroad. Varies by country, e.g. Germany has 0.3% cross-border, Luxembourg 30%+
  • Billentis have found that there are several e-invoicing models which are reviewed in turn. They recommend that to remain VAT compliant corporates use a professiona third party service
  • the progress in each of the main regions is reviewed in the report
  • the main e-invoicing standards are described and reviewed.

Billentis believe that we are entering a new era of the development of e-invoicing because of new government initiatives including new tax evasion prevention programmes, improvements in data accuracy, the move to real-time economy, the increasing use of mobiles, and competition is forcing the international issuers to take action.

Other features of the report are:

  • full cost analysis of payer and payee processing costs
  • how to implement an e-invoicing programme (including project checklists).
  • full product and facilities for 32 major suppliers of e-invoicing and e-commerce solutions.
  • For a copy of the report email: 

CTMfile take: This report contains invaluable data and insights. It is essential reading if you have any interest in improving your e-invoicing and e-commerce systems.

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