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Is this the end for SWIFT service bureau?: ‘None of our customers need a SWIFT service bureau any mo

BELLIN provides a two layer technology within their tm5 system. The front layer is the treasury management system(TMS). Whenever a payment is entered and approved in the system, tm5 transfers the information to the second layer: the “Payment Gateway”.

The Payment Gateway offers three methods of transmitting data to banks AND/OR collecting information from banks, via:

  • a range of local formats, including: EBICS standard for Germany and France, FTX for Switzerland and MBS for Austria
  • proprietary connections to the major banks via direct Host-to-Host (H2H), e.g. with Deutsche Bank, Bank of America, Citi Bank plus many around the globe
  • SWIFT connectivity which is embedded directly in the second layer: each tm5 installation is set up with the payment files (FIN and FileAct) and account data collection files (mainly FIN, MT940/942 messages) for each of the user’s banks.

Source Copyright©2012 - BELLIN

(Note, how BELLIN also connects direct to the trading platforms.)

SWIFT connectivity
BELLIN has a direct connection to SWIFT from their “Payment Gateway”. They are a SWIFT SCORE member (The Standardised Corporate Environment (SCORE) which is based on a closed user group, administered by SWIFT) and so have their own SWIFT address.

Currently, BELLIN offer three connectivity packages:

  • collection of statements
  • collection of statements plus a limited number of payment (FIN and FileAct) messages
  • collection of statements plus high volume of payment (FIN and FileAct) messages.

For the three packages, there is a flat fee, with prices ranging from 600 EUR to 2000 EUR per month plus a one-time set up charge. Although, in exceptional cases, BELLIN may have to recalculate their price if there are vast volumes, but this is the exception.

Usage and users
BELLIN users transmit payment instructions and/or receive statements in exactly the same way, regardless of whether the connection is SWIFT, H2H or EBICS, etc.

All sizes of BELLIN corporate user, from the small to the huge, are using SWIFT and all other channels to connect to their banks. No longer is SWIFT just limited to large companies.

Using the TMS supplier to carryout ALL bank connectivity to banks and trading platforms has been an inevitable development. BELLIN is the first to achieve this level of integration. Who needs separate SWIFT service bureaux anymore or data aggregation and delivery services? 

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