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ISO 20022 camt.086 Message (BSB / Bank Services Billing) - officially released

The TWIST BSB now has an ISO 20022 counterpart message, camt.086. It was developed by SWIFT (Dave Dobbing and Vincent Kuntz) and TWIST (Steve Weiland and Paul Burstein). A special ISO 20022 Payment SEG Evaluation Committee, led by Susan Colles and composed of billing specialist from 12 banks, four software vendors, TWIST and SWIFT reviewed the camt.086 message; a few modifications resulted.

The camt.086 BSB is the function equivalent of the TWIST BSB version 3.1; nothing has been lost from the TWIST BSB; the only changes made were to conform to the ISO 20022 XML standards. (The TWIST BSB version 3.1 should continue to be offered by banks while the industry migrates to the ISO 20022 camt.086 Version of the BSB, Bank Services Billing.)

The camt.086 message specifications and XML Schema are now available for download:

A Message Usage Guide (MUG) is being reviewed and should be published shortly. It is the functional equivalent of the TWIST 'Global Electronic Bank Services Billing Standard (BSB) – Requirements Document'. It will describe 'the data content requirements of the Bank Services Billing (BSB) standard as defined by ISO2002' and will include a sample camt.086 Message and a data mapping between the TWIST BSB v3.1 and camt.086 message.

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