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J.P. Morgan expands Liquidity Management capabilities with launch of Unitized Time Deposits In Asia

Designed and developed to help corporate clients address the challenge of forecasting past short-term maturities (i.e. past seven days), the fully-automated Unitized Time Deposit investment solution allows funds to be layered in tranches with what is effectively a rolling daily maturity. In addition to providing greater flexibility in terms of liquidity, Unitized Time Deposits also generally provide a more attractive yield when compared with other short-term investments such as interest bearing DDAs and traditional time deposits, while at the same time leveraging J.P. Morgan's strong counterparty rating.

Key benefits of J.P. Morgan's Unitized Time Deposit investment solution includes:

  • ability to optimize investments and liquidity through use of end-of-day balances to ensure maximum investment of available balances
  • automatically invest daily surplus balances or cover daily overdrafts up to instruction deadlines
  • streamlined investment processing by using a linked account which separates daily investment transactions from operating transactions, simplifying the reconciliation process
  • automated processing which reduces the costs around manual reconciliation of end-of-day balance positions and avoids the risk of miscalculating those positions
  • enhanced flexibility with the option of using Unitized Time Deposits as a complement to an active investment program.

The first phase of the Unitized Time Deposit rollout involving India, Korea, Indonesia and Malaysia is now complete, with further markets to be added through 2013.

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