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Know Your Customer (KYC) management in the day-to-day operations of a corporate treasury department

Providing data for Know Your Customer (KYC) programmes that banks and financial institutions, and many companies require can be a huge administrative burden, and can be very disturbing, e.g. relationship managers take away key documents to be photocopied and then the corporate cannot be sure who has seen them, etc. KYC compliance is a key concern in many corporate treasury departments. Fortunately, a range of third parties are now providing KYC services using the latest technology and security protection. The usage of these services is now growing rapidly, admittedly from a very small base, see

Employing third party services is now an important option for corporate treasury departments and the whole company to manage KYC compliance

Interview with Thomson Reuters’s Steve Pulley

The WEBchat below with Steve Pulley, Global Managing Director of Org ID at Thomson Reuters, probably the largest provider of KYC management services, covers essential features of KYC compliance today:

  1. key drivers and numbers in KYC market
  2. differentiators between the KYC services
  3. how corporates have the power to choose one KYC provider and ask their banks to go to this provider to receive their KYC information
  4. how KYC is just the tip of the iceberg of the problem of managing regulatory compliance
  5. future of KYC services.

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