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Kyriba launches new business intelligence solution

It’s all very well having the data on your liquidty position, cashflows, exposures, but unless you can take strategic decisions based on the data, all your effort has been wasted. Many systems and services today struggle to present the data in an actionable form. One of the key differentiators today between TMS and similar systems is the quality of the Business Intelligence and analysis they provide. “Data overload is real and is growing at the speed of modern business and technology. The smart move for finance executives is to adopt tools that help their teams better manage and interpret large data sets,” said Kevin Permenter at IDC. “Business intelligence solutions that bring together analysis and visual dashboarding give organizations a distinct competitive advantage.”

The race is on to provide better BI suipport.

Kyriba’s new BI service

Kyriba, provider of cloud treasury and financial management solutions, have today announced the launch of Business Intelligence (BI), a new, fully integrated solution within its treasury and financial management platform. The solution, announced at the AFP 2018  Conference in Chicago, is designed to help finance and treasury executives dynamically visualize and convert their expanding volumes of financial data into actionable insights.

While standard reporting may be suitable for routine, activity based metrics, Kyriba Business Intelligence is designed for performance-based treasury metrics and KPIs. For example, users can get instant insight into strategic questions such as “What risks are my cash flows exposed to?”, “Has our bank rationalization project met our bank fee reduction metric?”, “Are my global cash forecasts reliable?” and much more.

Key features include:

 ● On-demand analysis – e.g. What is the performance of my affiliates:

Source & Copyright©2018 - Kyriba 

 ● Smart visualizations – e.g. cash flow forecasting accuracy

Source & Copyright©2018 - Kyriba 

● Self-service reporting – Leverage pre-built KPIs and visualizations or build custom interactive dashboards within minutes, e.g. Bank activity

Source & Copyright©2018 - Kyriba 

● Fully integrated – Fully secured within Kyriba’s scalable cloud and ready for team collaboration and segregated data workflows.


The new Kyriba BI solution is ready to go: Can be deployed immediately, with instant access to current and historical data hosted by Kyriba. 

“Today’s CEOs and boards of directors are asking for – and even demanding -- better analysis and KPIs to help guide the business,” said Jean-Luc Robert, Chairman and CEO at Kyriba. “Kyriba Business Intelligence delivers those metrics and strategic insight through highly visual dashboards, enabling faster, more effective global business decisions.”

CTMfile take: Effective Business Intelligence modules turn data into strategic actions.

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