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Kyriba Significantly Enhances Risk Management Functionality

Kyriba, the web-based cash management SaaS solution provider, has significantly enhanced the risk management capabilities of their service in the recent release, version 11.1. The financial risk management functionality now includes:

  • Mark-to-Market valuations which can be calculated and tracked for all financial instruments. The valuations can be calculated using the Kyriba Market Data Services or from imported source data
  • FX Exposure Management which uses the FX Position Worksheet to analyse compliance with hedging policies by tracking currency exposure and FX transactions. Exposure data can be imported from ERP and other external systems.
  • Sensitivity Analysis which supports modification of currency and interest rate curves, including parallel and variable yield curve shifts.
  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing, which includes prospective and retrospective hedge effectiveness testing.

The Kyriba counter-party risk management functionality now includes:

  • counter-party exposure reporting for all banks and other counter-parties tracks all types of transaction deal limit
  • monitoring and enforcement full counter-party and internal limit management for all financial transactions. Users can structure limits by counter-party, by deal type, by rating and other criteria. Limits can prevent deals from being completed or just raise a warning flag.

The Kyriba SaaS Treasury Management Solution has come a long way from being just a cash management service.

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