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MetraTech Delivers Best-in-Class Monetization with MetraNet 6.5

MetraTech Corp. today released MetraNet 6.5 of their agreements-based billing (ABB™) and compensation solutions, see figure.

MetraTech Architecture

Source and Copyright ©2012 Metratech

The new features and enhanced operational capabilities in Version 6.5 help customers in the communications service provider (CSP), financial and cloud services industries differentiate themselves and win more business by using innovative pricing and service offerings. Key features of MetraNet 6.5 include:

  • fine granularity and control over business process scheduling results in increased efficiency of operations personne
  • enhanced report management framework to facilitate creating, managing, and scheduling report to use billing data for conducting analytics, understanding customer flows and profitability trends;
  • easy exporting of billing data to downstream third-party systems such as Business Intelligence (BI) for graphical visualization and operational decision making
  • support for 10-digit scale (10 digits after the decimal point) and 22-digit precision of numeric data types system-wide, including display in MetraNet Web applications;
  • billing management across the global enterprise, giving customers the ability to easily create subscriptions that streamline the number of product offers that need to be created across multiple currencies; and
  • enhanced auditing for accounts, subscriptions, priceable items and product offers.

MetraNet can be purchased as a term-based license or as a managed service. MetraTech charges clients based on the number of transactions, or a percentage of revenue, or on the number of accounts managed. For its cloud-based solution, Metenga, MetraTech charges 2 percent of a company's revenue, with prices ranging from $2,000 to over $5,000 a month.

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