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More key questions for 2016 that my friends brought to me

The post on the 12th Day of Christmas listing the key questions for 2016, see, generated three suggestions from experienced and concerned treasury professionals:

  • Nicholas Franck, Oriflame Cosmetics: Is your function growing to handle more changes and the maintenance of new services it's providing to the organisation?
  • Peter Matza, ACT: 
    • Where is the attention to people development, particularly professionally qualified and new entrants? 
    • Is there really pressure for outsourcing and if so, how does that sit alongside data protection and cyber security? 
    • Why is only about KYC - where is the demand for KYB? Or to put it a different way, when will treasurers start demanding symmetry in information flows with their finance providers? 
  • John Mardle, 
    • What is your strategy to deal with a failure in your organisations targets for revenue generation?
    • Have you tackled scenario planning for your Working Capital needs that includes alternative finance providers and Challenger Banks?

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